I Need Your Help!

As you probably know, I’m part of a school of missions and evangelism called Missio Dei. It isn’t an accredited college, but we take classes that are part of the certification process of becoming a minister in the Assemblies of God. What this means is that, as a school, I need to pay a tuition, but since it isn’t accredited, I can’t apply for student loans. So instead, I fundraise. Thankfully, we have some work days that help keep costs down, but we still need to come up with $6900 to cover our tuition. Even with a full time job, that’s a lot of money to come up with over the summer on your own. So, once again, I fundraise. I ask people to donate money towards my tuition so that I can make my monthly payments as well as pay for miscellaneous expenses that come up throughout the year. So far I’ve paid $3500 out of the $6900, almost all of it out of my own pocket. Now I have almost no money left and $400 payments due every month on the 7th, the first of which less than a week away. As much as I need money this week, what I really need is people who will give every month to help me stay ahead of these payments. As of the time I’m writing this, I only have $50 coming in monthly, so I still have quite a ways to go. 

If you’re interested in sowing into my time here at Missio Dei, there’s a few ways you can do that. First, you can send a check directly to me at my apartment (Kyle Hicks, 624 Forest Hill Road, Apt. Y1, Macon, GA 31210). But if you’re going to do that, get in contact with me first to make sure I’ll be in town when the check comes in so that we’re not just leaving money sitting in our mailbox. 

Another option is to send it to Missio Dei’s PO Box (Mission of God Ministries, PO Box 7934, Macon, GA 31209). If you do this, please make sure that you put Mission of God Ministries as the first line in the address or it won’t be put into the box. If you want the check to go directly to me so that I can use it for buying supplies or whatever else, make the check out to me, put my name in the second line, followed by the rest of the address. If you want it to go directly towards my tuition, don’t put my name on the address at all, make the check out to Mission of God Ministries, and put my name on the memo line. 

The final option for helping me financially is online. If you go to Missio Dei’s website – www.mymissionsjourney.com – and go to the Give tab, you can fill out the form to either give a one-time gift or set up an automatic monthly, quarterly, or yearly gift with your credit/debit card. Please make sure to choose my name from the drop-down list on the form, otherwise I won’t get any of your donation. 

I know this has been a lot of details, but I hope I’ve made everything clear to you both about my situation and how you can help. If you have any questions about this or anything related to my time at Missio Dei, please don’t hesitate to ask, I am more than willing to provide you with any information I have. I simply want the opportunity to grow in my capacity to fulfill the plans that God has for my life, and I can’t do that without your support, so anything you can give will be deeply appreciated! Continue to pray for me as I go on this journey, I need it every day. 


Day One

Today was my first full day back in Macon, Georgia, and let me tell you, it brought back a lot if memories. This city was my home last year, and I am really excited to call it home again. Last year I learned and grew so much at Missio Dei, and I have a feeling that this year will develop me even more. 

This week is all about moving in and getting the apartments ready for the first-year journeymen (students) to arrive on Friday, but after that the real work will begin. We’ll be taking classes on the history of missions work (Missiology), strategies for talking to people about the Gospel (Evangelism), ways to answer questions about beliefs that we’ve never questioned (Apologetics), as well as taking courses through the Berean School of the Bible which will allow us to become licensed as pastors within the Assemblies of God for those of us who want to go that route. 

The only times when we won’t be doing those things is when we’re on the road, putting everything we’re learning into practice. Just like last year, we’ll be going far and wide doing everything from church planting to spreading the word about church events in different communities to running revival services to walking the streets and starting up conversations about Jesus with total strangers. We’ll be going on some of the same trips as last year, and I’m excited to reconnect with some of the people we met last year, but we’ll also be doing things that we’ve never done before, and I can’t wait to see what all our leaders have in store for us this year to help us grow closer to God and become more effective leaders ourselves in His church. 

Thank you so much for your support of everything I’ve been doing here, whether that’s through prayer, finances, encouragement, or even simply caring enough to read what I have to say. I could never have made it to where I am today without you, and I hope that I’ll be able to make a positive impact on you as well. Thanks again for joining me on this crazy adventure called Missio Dei, I hope you enjoy it – I know I will!

For the Journey,

Kyle Hicks